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Presentation Guideline

Online Oral Presentations Guideline:

The total time allotted to each speaker is 15 minutes; 12 minutes for speaking and 3 minutes for questions via Zoom Meeting application.

Online Poster Presentations Guideline:

1. The poster session will be on 30th March 2022, 14:15 – 15:30, GMT+7 time zone.

2. Each poster presentation will be provided with a virtual meeting room to facilitate the fruitful-discussion atmosphere of poster presentation. Each meeting room will assigned with a poster code (for example PP-01, PB-01, etc). The poster code can be found in poster presentation page. At poster presentation session, please enter the room with your poster code and display your poster by screen sharing. 

3. It is advisory for all poster presenters to upload their poster files to the MST39 conference website between 15th – 20th March 2022 in order that the posters will be displayed on the special virtual platform and the usual website prior to and during the conference days.

4. Those poster files uploaded to the MST39 website between 21st -29th March 2022 will be displayed only on the usual website prior to and during the conference days.

5. Poster specification;

5.1. All poster files must be one page only.

5.2. Poster file format must be .jpeg or .jpg.

5.3. File size must not exceed 25 MB.

5.4. Poster size must be 80 cm (width) x 120 cm (height)

6. It is optional to use a video clip to accompany your poster presentation. The video clip will be available for the registered audience to watch, separated from the meeting room, prior to the poster presentation day. Note that the video clip must be uploaded to the MST39 conference website before 29th March 2022. The video clip format must be MP4 and its size must not exceed 40 MB.


7.  All presentations in both the oral and the poster sessions are subject to legal protection. Accordingly, any action of copy for re-use is prohibited and all presentation files will be permanently deleted from the system on 1st April 2022.     

The 39th International Conference of Microscopy Society of Thailand (MST39)

29-31 March 2022, Fully Online Conference



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